Feeding Program.

haitian handicapped boy eating meal.jpg

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

The kids eat breakfast together.

I made a promise to those kids that as long as I was alive they would not suffer.
— Kelli Nelson ARNP., Medical Director and Founding Member 

This is the story of Haiti, and the theme of our story is ‘Forgotten’. A long time ago, Haiti fought for its independence and became the First Black Republic in the history of the world. Something truly to be proud of. In triumph they threw out their oppressors, and in retaliation Haiti was barred from participating the the wealthiest years of Caribbean trade. Slipping into poverty, they simply became a forgotten country until the Earthquake of 2010. For a few years international aid workers flooded the country and then Haiti was replaced by the next new crisis.  

Our Feeding program provides one meal a day to our school children year round. We see the need and feed the most vulnerable of Haiti’s Population, the preschool age child. Children over the age of two are called “Ti Chape,” little escaped one- as they have escaped death. Haiti has the largest child mortality rate of any country in the Western Hemisphere, equal to Africa and other impoverished nations- just 700 miles from the shores of the USA.