Feeding Program.

haitian handicapped boy eating meal.jpg

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

The kids eat breakfast together at our Center for Special Needs Children.
Carrefour, Haiti

I made a promise to those kids that as long as I was alive they would not suffer.
— Kelli Nelson R.N.P., Medical Director and Founding Member 

This is the story of Haiti, and the theme of our story is ‘Forgotten’. A long time ago, Haiti fought for its independence and became the First Black Republic in the history of the world. Something truly to be proud of. In triumph it threw out its oppressors, however, in retaliation Haiti was blackballed. In a time when trading commodities was a huge financial industry, Haiti was left out of the caribbean trade. Slipping into poverty, they simply became a forgotten country. That poor country at the end of the island. And these handicapped children…who are they? 

And these handicapped children…who are they? Well, they are the forgotten of the forgotten. These kids cannot help their families make money and so are considered a burden. But not anymore, we are working with this handicapped center at the heart of mission work in Haiti.

Island Impact provides two hot meals a day to the 35 children and adolescents living in the Haitian center for the handicapped. We want to expand the feeding program this Fall to the school where we have our sponsor program located in the center where hungry children from the community attend class. We can’t do this without your help! Help us feed these kids so that they may better grow and learn from the education we provide!