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Supporting health and education initiatives.

Island Impact Ministries is a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization that hosts teams of volunteer who provide free medical and surgical care to the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Over the past 10 years we have provided free medical care for over 100,000 people and counting!


2010 Earthquake-Haiti Needs Our Help!

Island Impact had our Dominican Team on the ground within 48 hours following the massive earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010. Rob and Kelli Nelson were in next with a large team to assist with food distribution and to provide medical aid. They had lived as missionaries for 8 years in the 80’s-90’s and knew Haiti well. During that time they assisted 12 different groups to provide Help for Haiti! These trips during this devastating time, led them to re-establish a school program in Haiti and for a number of years worked with a handicapped orphanage providing assistance.



L’ecole Island Impact- Pre-School and Feeding Program 

In October 2018 we will establish a preschool in the town of Leogane, The epicenter of the earthquake. This school will target Haiti’s most vulnerable population, children under the age of 5. According to UNICEF in 2016, Haiti has the highest mortality rates for infants, children under age 5 years, in the Western Hemisphere! These children are malnourished and lack sufficient healthcare to keep them well. More than ever, Haiti needs our Help! The school is supported by the Child Sponsorship Program. 

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Surgical Initiatives 

The poor have very few options when it comes to receiving quality medical care.  They are unable to pay the exorbitant costs for surgical treatments.  Island Impact has been providing free surgical procedures in the Dominican Republic since 2005.   Surgery such as cataract and crossed-eye conditions, OB/GYN surgery, breast cancer surgery and orthopedic surgery.  We can provide the surgeries for free because doctors and their support staff volunteer their time and efforts to this cause. Our role is to organize the patients and prepare them for their operations.  

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Medical Clinics

We currently operate one established primary care clinic. which also provides low cost dental care, in the Dominican Republic. We do have plans to establish a clinic in Haiti once the school has been set up. Our clinics have medicines that are purchased in the U.S. at reduced rates and brought to the country by visiting teams.  Many people suffer needlessly due to the fact that medicine and a doctor's consultation is costly, so they often are neglected until the condition becomes acute or chronic.  We also provide Village clinics in rural areas and Haitian migrant camps where people are too poor to travel. Currently we are servicing Munoz and are raising funds to establish a monthly clinic in Loma Bajita.


Latest Mission

University of Scranton

Nursing School

Team of 28 who saw and treated ~900 patients.

I had the pleasure of working along 28 great professionals and students while helping those in need. Over the course of the week, we saw approx close to 850-950 patients in a week. We treated patients with tuberculosis, malaria, hypertension, scabies, lice, parasites, wounds and many infections throughout the body. The best part of coming home is telling people about my experience and raising awareness that go beyond donating money to a good cause. This trip made me realize the real reason as to why I became a nurse.
— Freddy Diaz, R.N. at Massachusetts General Hospital

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