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Our teams are the reason we can make a difference.

We need you to be part of a team or host a team in Haiti or the Dominican Republic! Our teams participate in medical service as well as construction efforts to improve the quality of schools, clinics, and hospitals. 

Island Impact Ministries has years of third-world organization experience, but is still small enough that there are a lot of personal touches and interaction with the people you are there to serve. Our mission teams will roll up their sleeves and get to work, helping people who have no way of helping themselves.

We work closely with the Department of Health in the Dominican Republic to ensure licensing for your team. You will need to provide a current copy of your license if you are a MD, nurse or other health professional.

There’s a $300 dollar charge per person, this covers logistics, in-country transportation, patient pre-op and post-op care, translation services etc. We will coordinate with you to get a group rate for a hotel and help you determine which airport to fly into.

If you would like references from our other medical and surgical teams, we will provide those upon request. 

You will need to raise funds for your supplies and medications. Funds can even be raised for your overall trip expenses such as flight and hotel. Our secure payment site allows you to set up your own campaign and all donations are tax deductible.


New Team Application

Thank you for applying to organize a mission with us! Once we've reviewed your application, one of our coordinators will contact you regarding the next steps.

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Surgical teams only: Do you have an Anesthesiologist joining you?
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Please tells us the dates that you will want to schedule the team for. *
Please tells us the dates that you will want to schedule the team for.
We require 6 months advance notice.
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Mailing Address
Tell us what type of work you'd like to do and we'll coordinate with you (a lot of teams perform mixed functions!).