Join An Existing Mission Team

You might have found yourself wanting to do something good, or perhaps you saw a natural disaster affecting the Island of Hispaniola and you're wanting to help out. But organizing a team on your own can be daunting. That's okay! We have plenty of teams where you can be put to great work! To the right you'll find descriptions for the teams that are available for you to join. If you see one you'd like to jump on, please click apply and fill out the form!


Church Teams

This is an incredible opportunity for individuals to stretch their faith by doing something most people will never do: participate in a humanitarian mission. This type of experience binds a group together on a level far deeper than normal interaction, and leaves the participants with a sense of duty and respect to their fellow man, as well as increased satisfaction in their church and spiritual experience. No one will come back quite the way they left, and the impact of their work will last for years in the hearts of those who serve, as well as in the hearts of those who are served.

Medical/Surgical Teams

We are well organized and have extensive technical experience in running efficient third-world medical experiences. This allows you, as a practitioner, to do what you do best – medically serve your fellow man. You probably went into medicine in order to help those around you.  After the amount of paperwork required of you as a practitioner, regain that passion for humanity by serving as part of a medical team to help the very poorest of the poor in third world countries, those who have little or no access to necessary medical care.


School & Youth Teams

The Dominican Republic is a safe place and perfect for taking young people to get the experience of a real humanitarian trip that will change their lives forever. There is plenty for them to do from painting to light construction work to children's education and helping in a mobile medical clinic. 

Construction Teams

We have construction needs in both our clinic in the Dominican Republic and in our new school in Haiti. Otherwise there are always schools and churches which require assistance in either country.